Special Events 

At Full Circle School we have a number of school traditions that add to the richness of our learning community. Here is a sampling of what our students look forward to each year:

  • Back-to-School Potluck: A joyful welcome-back commencing the first week of school.

  • Annual Mount Monadnock Hike: An optional adventure for students, their families, and the teachers.

  • Music at Lunch: Every Wednesday children are invited to sing a song or play an instrument during lunch. This is an opportunity for students to share and express themselves musically.

  • Halloween Party: A much anticipated event full of good-natured fun with just the right amount of spooky and plenty of creativity.

  • Thanksgiving Celebration: Each year we prepare a feast from a different historical time period. Students and teachers come to school dressed in costume from a particular era, play games, cook, and share a meal together.

  • Holiday Concert: Singing is a long-standing tradition at Full Circle School.

  • Ski & Snowboard Program: This optional program takes place on Fridays in January and February. It’s a great time to go play in the snow!

  • Contra Dancing: For many years we’ve been lucky to have the well-known Keith Murphy come teach contra dancing at Full Circle. We then hold a special community dance where students and their families come dance to live music with some of the area’s best musicians.

  • History Fair: History comes alive as each student takes on the role of a historical figure within a school-wide theme. Students also perform a collection of songs from the theme studied.

  • The School Play: Every May our students look forward to diving into the world of theater with our school play. This interdisciplinary project incorporates music, dance, art, and writing.

  • 6th-Year Bike Trip: The celebratory day-trip of the graduating class.

  • Goal Party: At the close of each semester we have a Goal Party to celebrate the students’ accomplishments, learning, and growth.