Kindergarten Program:

At Full Circle School we believe that children have the most fun learning when it is well-matched with their developmental readiness. For this reason we offer both half-day and full-day kindergarten options. Many of our families feel that full-day kindergarten would be a stretch for their five year old. Half-day kindergarten allows these students to thrive while they transition to a new school. It is also possible to set a personalized schedule of some half-days and full-days or to add full-days as the school year progresses. We want kindergarten to be a positive experience for your little one and your family.


The kindergarten program provides an engaging combination of free play, art projects, learning themes, building manipulatives, music, fine motor activities, math games, letter recognition, and time to play and explore in nature. The class is kept at an intimate size of approximately 5 children ensuring ample teacher attention, the ability to follow students’ interests, and the opportunity for close friendships to form between children.

Daily Schedule

Please Note: Full Circle School operates on a Monday - Thursday schedule plus special events on some First Fridays. There is an additional Friday Program available for families who need it.

8:45 Student Arrival and Free Play

9:15 Morning Meeting

9:30 Choice Time Activities

10:30 Snack

10:45 Outdoor Playtime

11:45 Morning Kindergarten Pick Up

12:00 Lunch and Read Aloud (Music on Wednesdays)

1:00 Outdoor Playtime

2:00 Choice Time Activities

3:45 Full-Day Kindergarten Pick Up