Our History

Full Circle was founded as an Independent School in 1973 by Michael and Rebecca Muir-Harmony.  After operating in Putney and Deerfield, it settled at its present location on a wooded hill just outside the town of Bernardston, Massachusetts.  The forest that encompasses the school contains pine woods, open meadows, marshlands, streams, and ponds.  The setting cultivates a lasting awareness and respect for the surrounding world, and enables the students to enjoy firsthand experiences with nature on a daily basis.  It is belief in the importance of understanding life's eternal cycles that gave rise to the name of the school.  It is our wish that each child learns to experience life as a whole.

Full Circle School is attended by children five years of age through twelve.  Class sizes are small and the student to teacher ratio allows for close relationships between the teachers and students as well as between the teachers and school families.