Daily Schedule

8:45 Students arrive and complete morning board work

9:15 Morning Meeting

9:30 Independent Goal Time

11:00 Math groups

11:45 Clean up chores

12:00 Lunch and Read Aloud

1:00 Outdoor free play

2:00 Reading/Writing Groups

3:45 Pick up

Goal Work

Children begin each semester by choosing topics they are most interested in learning about in history, geography, science and art.  They spend time each morning conducting age appropriate research and hands on projects to learn about each of their goals in a fun and meaningful way.  Each "big goal" culminates in a summary to showcase the student's academic learning and personal evaluation.  Students also complete a number of "small goals" throughout the term, such as penmanship, chess, science observations and music.  

Academic Standards

Full Circle administers a standardized test each year.  Our students consistently perform well above the national average.  Full Circle graduates excel in area middle schools - both public and private and are well prepared to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.